It’s been quite awhile since I did any scent blogging here. Part of that is that I’ve been busy as hell, and then there was a chunk of hayfever when I wouldn’t have been able to tell if I smelled like ambrosia with undertones of elephant manure. But I’ve started up testing again, trying to retest some of the BPAL’s (trying in the hair, where it’s supposed to change somewhat less–mixed results there, I must say) and today a reader sent me some samples of Lush’s solid perfumes.

So far, the Lush “Silky Underwear” is not bad–kind of sweet vanilla and powder, I’d say. Goes a little sweet on my skin for my tastes, but not unpleasant. I do like the solid perfume application form, very nice.

I also have “Go Green” and “Karma” samples — smell like fresh cut grass and spicy orange/patchouli respectively — I’ll test those out over the weekend and report back!

Also, Villainess’s Dulces en Fuego body cream? Pure. Awesome. Bitter chocolate and vanilla with some spice thrown in. I love that one. Was not as impressed by “Byzantium” from Villainess, alas…it just smells like soap to me. But the Dulces en Fuego is a definite winner.

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