The final size of the Taxman edition is…drumroll please…

…150 exactly.

Holy CRAP, people. You’ve blown my tiny little artist mind on this one, truly you have. Not only does that cover the tax bill, it even pays for the paper and ink required to do the print run (It won’t quite cover replacing Mr. Printy should he CATCH FIRE during the print run, but close!) and the order of bags to bag ’em to ship.

Obviously it’s gonna take me a little bit to get this out–I’ve never dealt with a print run anywhere NEAR this size–I mean, I’ve still got half the prints left from some of my editions of 25!–but I’ll be working at top speed to get ’em out in the next week or two.

Dude. Damn. Wow. Thank you. You guys are beyond amazing. I literally don’t have words enough to wrap around this.


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