The “Help Ursula Appease The Government” Print!

Well gang, I owe the government big time, (and naturally Ben picked this moment to become ill) so I figure we’ll try something a little silly and a little daring!

To that end, I’ve done a painting: The Taxman

So here’s what I’m thinkin’. The Taxman is going to be a limited edition jumbo print, but I don’t know how big an edition yet. S’up to you guys. For $25 plus shipping, you can order one now–send an e-mail to ursulav (at) or a note via DA or something. (I can’t keep track if you just say you want one in the comments, so please, send an e-mail!)

I’ll take orders right up until April 15th, and however many got ordered, that’ll be the size of the edition, plus two (I’ll keep the first and last for a pair of upcoming shows that need filling–he’s close enough to a Strange Bird to shove a print into the August show.)

I have no idea how well this is going to work. It may be an edition of two if nobody likes the piece, it may be an edition of fifty if a lot of people do–we’ll find out! Come April 15th, the edition closes, I’ll do the print run, sign and number them, and send ’em out, and that’ll be the last they’ll be available unless you A) hit one of those two shows or B) somebody decides to part with theirs.

I really don’t expect this to be a huge seller or anything, but hey, any little bit to appease Uncle Sam…

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