Woke up this morning with a sore throat. Uh-oh.

The flu’s been going around town in a big way in the last few weeks. I thought I might have managed to avoid it–I mean, hell, I spent two nights curled up around a guy running a fever, surely if I didn’t catch it THEN–but apparently it was only a delay.

Well, I really can’t complain–didn’t catch it before my trip to Toronto, which would have sucked hardcore, so I must thank Ganesh for the reprieve, and take the plague as it comes. I have a con at the end of the month–Technocon, in Blacksburg, Virginia, I’m a GoH–but other than that, the month requires no travel, all of my necessary editing work can be done in bed now that I have a wireless router to hook my laptop to the internet*, my boyfriend, having suffered through this already, is immune, and the cats love it when I’m sick because I am warm and don’t move much.

Sucks to be sick, but at least it’s pretty convenient at the moment, and that’s really all that one can ask.

*Best. Gift. Ever.

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