Okay, there are SO MANY of these that I’m gonna have to cut tag it. I’m workin’ through ’em as fast as I can.

So many are starting to be “promising” that I’m dividing them into first and second tier…second tier I’ll keep and try again at some point and see if I still like, first tier I’ll go get friends to render an opinion. (“Sniff me! What do you think?”)

Catherine – very sharp astringent smell, almost lemony…might be doing the legendary Lemon Pledge thing on me. Warmed up to a pleasantly citrusy smell, but not distinctive enough to get me excited.

Golden Priapus – juniper and pine, anchored a bit with warm vanilla. Actually a rather pleasant smell! I’ll wear this one!

Port Au Prince – warm, marine, smells exactly like…spicy root beer? Like a candy I know I’ve had, but can’t identify. It’s kinda nice, actually, but very strange.

Nyarlathotep – vanishes again. Poof! 

The Red Queen – started rather sharp and perfumey, and then vanished down to a vague sweetness, kind of roses. Not terrible, but not very interesting.

Velvet — …buttered popcorn? Buttered popcorn and wood? This is not actually a sexy smell. It’s a weird smell. Not bad, but…not really “Raowr!” 

Sin – left a not-unpleasant faint musk on my skin, but not very powerful, with a slight bitterness.

Pink Moon – Ugh, ugh, ugh. Very VERY sweet. Carnations. If you like sweet, great, but I choked. 

The Cracked Bell  — went to powder.

Somnus – Holy crap. My body chemistry HATED this one. It turned into lemon pledge and turds. I have not previously experienced that, but dayum. 

Lear – pleasant, but the cedar note screams “Rodents!” at me

Magus – Again, the cedar screams “rodents!” and then it vanished in about half an hour.

Wrath – Cinnamon, dragon’s blood, and clove. A little more masculine than Serpent’s Kiss. Bet it’d be great on a guy.

Tenochtitalan – orange…really orange…rather too sweet and too powerful

Dragon’s Hide – I liked this one. Leather, but not as aggressively masculine—almost, but not quite. Will definitely wear.

Blood Amber – nearly vanished on my skin. Became a faint amber pleasantness, but evaporated within twenty minutes. 

Jazz Funeral – lemony. Turns to Lemon Pledge after awhile. Darn. Great name, though.

Wanda – not bad at all. Sweet merlot, very faint. Gotta kinda slather it. Not earthshaking, but would wear. Vanishes very quickly, though. Second tier.

Wicked – I have no idea how to describe this smell. I kinda like it. Second tier, though.

House of Night – Something about this one reminds me a bit of Bien Loin D’Ici, but colder and more floral. Not bad. Not jump-out-of-my-skin amazing. Second tier, maybe. 

Love Me – Cinnamon and coca cola? Rather nice. Not as purely sexy as “Serpent’s Kiss,” less erotica and more good nature. Second Tier.

Bordello – I had no idea a bordello would be filled with bubble gum.

Follow Me Boy – Supposedly an ancient houdou potion. Smells vaguely of bug repellant. Could slather self with Deep Woods Off! and also be mosquito free for half the price. 

Embalming Fluid – Now, I’ve never actually huffed embalming fluid, so I can’t speak to the accuracy of this odor. But it goes to an odd tea-and-lemon scent that’s actually rather pleasant at first, although it slides towards lemon pledge on me after awhile, alas.

Voodoo – Reeked of marzipan. The sweet and the almond got really cloying, and I couldn’t take it. It faded off eventually, but not to anything I liked.

Perversion – not bad, but the tonka overwhelmed everything. A little too sweet for my taste.

Hunger – strange, bitter, very strong. Can’t pin it down. Interesting, but not sure if I’d wear it…that’d be one to ask a friend.

Black Forest – powerful pine without going to pine-sol. Goes a bit bugspray, though. Not sure about this one. May retest.

Oblivion – I can’t quite pin down what this smells like—perhaps appropriately!—but it smells okay. Second-tier, I’d say. 

Lilith – an odd, musky orange. Dries a little too sweet for my taste, but really not bad for a citrus…might keep it around and see if it grows on me.

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