Tattoo — Day Three

Still sore! However, it’s stopped sloughing off black gunk–a friend of mine explained that the top layers of skin are killed in the process, and they come off, saturated with ink, which, combined with the Aquaphor, is what leads to the dark brown slime dripping off one’s arm. Knowing this makes me feel better, although frankly, dripping slime is just nasty no matter what the explanation.

Fortunately it’s stopped, which means that I no longer have to sleep with a towel. Now it’s just extremely tender. Imagine a really horrific sunburn, about half-healed, and you’ve about got the sensation.

I would KILL to sleep on my right side for a few hours.

Okay! Errands to run, packages to pick up–many thanks to the fan who sent me wineglasses! *grin* I really kinda needed those…
And now off to WhatTheHellCon in Greensboro! Expect radio silence for the next couple of days, but I shall return!

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