Drinking the Koolaid

*sigh* I don’t even WEAR perfume!

Still, okay, maybe I would if I found some I like. And the imp thing sounds like a really easy way to try them out–mind you, if I found one that I liked, I’d probably stick to it, I’m not really into collecting odors, per se. (I don’t burn scented candles or anything.)

So, O readers! Can you make some suggestions? I am not fond of cloying sweetness nor particularly floral or fruity–well, citrus is sort of okay–I’m really more a musky and spicy type. (Although not TOO musky, obviously…) I like cinnamon and clove (as you’ve doubtless guessed) and leather (oh, how I love leather) and smoke. And cedar. (Do they make perfume that involves cedar?)

Great, something else that I have very masculine tastes in…

And really, I’m just a sucker for entertaining copy.

A buddy of mine who has apparently been assimilated is sending me something called “Samhain.” God help us all.

Well, hell…Since this appears to be a trading venture, I’ll get into the spirit and saythat if anybody wants to swap some samples–wee samples! I don’t need much!–for prints, I’ll try it, I’ll blog it, and if  you have any recommendations, post at will! The following list are smells I’d be interested in trying.

(Here’s your chance to get me hooked, people. Use it quickly, before my sanity restores itself.)

Serpent’s Kiss (I have been accused of being cold-blooded on more than one occasion…)
Helle’s Belle
Troll (Just because the copy is so intriguing!)
Anne Bonny (I mean, she was a pirate!)
Black Tower
The Jersey Devil (They better not have a Mothman perfume…)
Mary Read
Scarecrow (I just wanna know what barren fields smell like.)
Sudha Segara
Jolly Roger
Mr. Jacquel
Azathoth (I have always wanted to smell the drooling idiot god at the heart of Chaos. Haven’t you?)
Miskatonic University
Shub-Niggurath (It was always my favorite elder god…)
Bien Loin D’ilci
Snake Oil (The name is irresistable.)
O (O shut up.)
The Lion
Dragon’s Hide

And I’ll stop there. (Must…not…be…seduced…by…copy!)

…hell, just reading the reviews is hysterical. Since there’s such a limited vocabulary for smells and tastes available to us, the descriptions got really crazy…

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