Went out to see “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” with my buddy Eric, which was very good, very harsh, and very depressing. Came home. Angus, incarcerated in the bathroom, whined until I came in. I gave him food, which he ignored in favor of purring and headrubs. I sat down in there with a book, hoping to reassure him. He wedged himself upside down against the edge of the cupboard, purring furiously. Iread a bit more, then finally went to leave, hoping that in my absence, he’d eat something.

Instead he shot between my feet, and ran into Ben, who was hanging out outside the bathroom. To their mutual credit, there was a cautious nose sniff. Nobody hissed. (I’m so proud of Ben!) Ben sat down. Angus circled around him, low to the ground, and sniffed at his tail. Ben made an almost inaudible mew, a sort of yes-that’s-my-tail sound. Angus pulled his head back, slightly startled. They looked at each other.

Then Ben went into the bathroom and ate Angus’s food, and Angus went into the kitchen and ate Ben’s food.

I suspect that’s neutered male cats for ya…

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