As if to push me over the brink, Ben has embarked on a campaign of attention-getting behavior, which includes knocking things over at about three times his normal rate, opening all the cupboards, and licking things loudly. Then looking at me to see if I’ve noticed. My attempts to distract him with toys last about thirty seconds, and then he’s back to “I’M BORED!”

Fine. FINE! I know when I’m beaten!

I’ll get another cat! Sheesh!

(Ganesh, if this is part of your complicated plan, I salute you on another obstacle–my willpower–neatly removed…)

ETA: Okay–I swear to you, the MINUTE Ihit “post” on this entry, Ben calmed down, laid down on my desk at my right hand, accepted a petting, and entered Meditative Meatloaf Position.

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