Came home from another trip to the House of Wax* to get my hair color retouched–my stylist keeps fooling with the chemicals that make up my hair color, since she discovered that I am laid back about experimentation, and now I think she’s channeling her Mad Alchemist side–and discovered a pile of packages on my doorstep.

My phone charger! My kimono! My loon decoy! My Leatherman! (My dad got me a Leatherman for Christmas. He was bemused by this, but hey…you’re single, you live alone, YOU NEED TOOLS!) My…other duck decoy! My cookbooks! Yaaaay!

Adam and Steve are alive and well. My first act of the morning was to dump flake food all over the carpet in a small explosion. Le sigh.

Still contemplating second cat. Beginning to sound like a really good idea.

And now, off to get a dowel so I can hang my kimono in my bedroom and finally get that blank wall less blank!

*Bikini waxing is definitely much less painful the third or fourth time around. I barely batted an eyelash. You still look like a badly plucked chicken afterwards, of course, but that fades off soon enough…  

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