I gots fishies!

I’ve been running my little 4 gallon tank for the last couple of weeks to fix the nitrogen, and today I went out and got some small plants and a pair of sunburst platys, which are supposed to be easy fish who are happy in small tanks. They are both male, because apparently a breeding pair of platys will produce more little fishies approximately once a month, and I suspect things could get crowded very quickly.

I have named them Adam and Steve.

Ben is intrigued by the new arrivals–I’m floating them at the moment to equalize the water temperature–and Ben is eyeing them great interest. He has already fallen off the bookcase once attempting to get around the other side.

I also find that I’m actually thinking about getting another cat now. I had been opposed on space grounds, but then it occurred to me that I had Loki and Athena–and a husband!–in an apartment half this size, and they were always happy. I love Ben dearly–anybody who’s read my blog is probably aware of that!–but I worry that he’s bored, and that perhaps the bolting is a symptom of that. He loved having Athena around, even if it was an unrequited love. Ben is a very social cat, and while I snuggle him quite a lot, I still gotta work ‘n stuff.

Hmm. I’ll think about it. If it still seems like a good idea in a month, maybe I’ll pursue the idea…I am a big fan of adopting adult cats, and there’s never any shortage of those needing homes, alas…

Meanwhile, Adam and Steve should be just about ready to swim free in their new home!

ETA: *mutter* And of course, as soon as I go glance at the Safe Haven for Cats page–that’s where I got Ben from–I see that they just rescued forty cats from a local hoarder and are apparently jammed to the gills at the moment. Damnit.

No. Must wait. Must not allow sympathy to overwhelm sanity. Must make sure this is Really A Good Idea.

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