Illusions of Expertise

So I went out to the art supply store to get more paper to do another silkscreen, and ran into my old manager Tom (“Zion!”) who once again tried to get me to come back to work. One day a week would be fine! I wavered–I may take him up on it, although I’m awfully busy–and then he said “Hey! You want to do a demo?”


“Yeah, you come in for three hours, use stuff we have in the store…what are you buying? Water-soluble pastel? We don’t have anybody doing that…”

“Well, but I was using them on a silkscreen…” I began.

“Great! Nobody’s doing that at all! I’m up to my eyeballs in watercolorists, but nobody’s silkscreening! Here, let me introduce you to our demo coordinator…”

“But…” I tried.

“This is Ursula. She’s a great illustrator, does children’s books, jetsets all over the country, I thought she could do a demo! She’s doing silkscreening…”

“But I’ve only just…”

“We give you a $75 dollar gift card.”

I snapped my mouth shut, and after a moment said “That’d be fine. Sundays are good for me.”

So, Sunday the 27th, from 1-4, I will be demoing this water-soluble pastel silkscreen technique–which I have done all of once–at Jerry’s Artarama.

Meanwhile, I will be spending my spare moments between commissions practicing silkscreening…

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