Adventures in Screen Printing!

I did it! Four reasonably similar monoprints!

This particular technique uses water-soluble pastel crayons to draw directly on the screen, and as a result, you only get a couple of good prints off it, and they’re all slightly variant due to the strength and liquidity of the pastel. Then you generally go back and draw into them. So at the end of the day, once these dry and I fool around a bit with colored pencils, I’ll presumably have four not-quite-identical hand-colored monoprints.

It’s kinda cool. My first effort was a stencil of a stylized horsehead that I’ve been doodling off and on for years. I’m seeing a way that I can do some pretty neat washy animals with this particular style, and fool around with some variations on a theme, too. There’s a lot more detail possible in the prints than I ever expected–I may actually find myself including less detail in the initial coloring phase for the look I’m after!

S’neat stuff. Will post when dry.

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