Auld Lang Syne

I’m alive!

My wallet and I were reunited in a touching scene where we ran to each other across a field of flowers while syrupy music played in the background. The rest of the trip was largely uneventful. Alas, I passed midnight waiting by the baggage carousel, but the way this last year has gone, I was just as pleased not to spend it on the tarmac. Or the emergency room.

My friend Joe kindly came to pick me up, and we toasted the New Year with Irish whiskey. Then we blinked, swayed a bit on our respective feet, and said “Uh…”

“I think I was a little more exhausted than I thought…”

“And I haven’t actually eaten since noon.”

“Oh…damn, me neither, now that I think of it. Maybe we should order a pizza…”

So the New Year was ushered in with pizza and drunken ranting, which is as good a way to usher in the New Year as any.

Ben was ecstatic to see me–I got the full hug and face rub and snuggle. “I know for a fact Carlota did NOT beat you,” I muttered through a faceful of tabby. He purred thunderously, draped his paws over my back, and snapped my bra.* As is usual when I have been away, he spent the night glued to the backs of my legs, not even stirring when the alarm went off, lest I leave him again Forever And Ever.

So! 2007 has finally gone, and 2008 is upon us. May it be full of love, friendship, amusement, art, a reasonable degree of profit, violent video games, hot sex, and decent baked goods.

Who could ask for more?

*He’s a big enough cat to reach midway down my back when he hugs me, and the kneading with the claws inevitably catches the bra. Ben is the only male on earth who can do this to me and not suffer immediate and permanent bodily harm.

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