Baking Experiment #2: Peanut Butter Mini-Cakes with Cream Cheese Filling

I wanted to do something with filling, because I used to adore these cream-cheese blueberry muffins I’d get at this bakery down the block back in college. This was baked in a muffin tin and built on my last experiment, so I figured I’d give it a stab.

Lab Assistant Ben was intrigued by the notion of the cream cheese filling, but was summarily banished from the kitchen before he got within five feet of it. He sat the rest of the experiment out, sulking.

Moment of Dismay: This had got to be the least appetizing bowl of glop I have ever created, and I’ve mixed glazes with heavy metals in ’em…

Moment of Pride: Automatic cleaning of kitchen and utensils while product is baking! Go, me!

Moment of Mail: UPS guy catches me, fully clothed but with glop on hands, and hesitantly hands over a package, which turns out to be an Edward Gorey collection, Christmas gift from my editor. Go, editor!

Results: Edible! Actually, I think they taste pretty good, but since I can eat surprisingly bad food with aplomb, I will inflict them on my test subject for a second opinion.

Update: Experiment #1, the blackberry muffins, were judged “actually pretty good” by test subjects, although it was agreed they could be a bit sweeter. Invited to inflict further experiments upon them. Promising.

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