Yesterday I accomplished virtually nothing!

Well, I had a lot of good food, and Deb got me some lovely Fiestaware plates in purple for Christmas, and I went out for tapas with a friend in the evening, but other than assembling my ingredients/equipment for muffindom, I accomplished pretty much nada, went to bed early, and slept for quite a long time. (During which I had an incredibly complicated dream about a prince working as an assassin in a strange pair of sister-cities separated by a vast desert and an army of trolls, which oddly enough I’ve dreamed about before, and then there was a bunch of pursuing horsemen and the fan club from hell, and by the end of it I was an elderly sheep oracle fighting my way through an overgrown hedge maze, accompanied by my tough-as-nails wolf bodyguard and my sheep apprentice, Mesiel. We were attacked by bears. Rowan Atkinson made a brief cameo as a wizard. I’m gonna miss the Effexor dreams.)

Hey, it happens.

Today! Today I shall be productive as hell to make up for it!

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