A Good Day

It’s a good day today. I got a nice fat royalty check, I hung out with the gang at the NWCCC meeting, and I feel generally good about life.

A few observations…

1) One nice thing about being single is that you stop worrying about what to have for dinner. It is no longer a concern. If I want to have a can of beer and a cup of salsa for dinner, nothing will stop me!* On the other hand, I can order an order of beef and broccoli and crab rangoons and have a perfectly nice meal, without dithering about what to get or where to go, and that’s nice.

On the downside, I have to kill my own centipedes. Still, you look on the upside.

2) Every time I drive to Carrboro, I pass a sign that says “Waterfowl Impoundment.” I am STILL wondering what’s up with that.

3) There is something really wrong with listening to “A Prairie Home Companion” and playing Resident Evil 4. The operatic rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” corresponded to my riding a ski-lift and dodging thrown axes. My painful death came during the Powdermilk Biscuits jingle. I can’t help but feel I am committing some kind of crime against good taste here.

4) God, I love these boots.

5) “Smooth ‘n Melty” petite mints are one of the very best things about Christmas.

So! Who local wants to go see the Golden Compass with me?

*I’ve never actually done this.

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