You guys remember all those times I’ve told you that no ideas are ever wasted?

If you listen to nothing else I say about anything, if you discard all my thoughts on life and death and love and sex and happiness and misery and every other damn thing I go on about at the drop of a hat, for the love of Ganesh, remember that.

I swear it’s true.

And one of these days, hopefully I’ll be able to tell you exactly what prompted this speech, but for now, just…trust me. (Also, have I mentioned my life is surreal? It is. More so than usual.)

In other news, in a desperate effort to free myself from Harvest Moon, I picked up another game. (I had to do it. I hated my wife, my dog, my offspring and my assistant, and I wasn’t too fond of my horse. When you find yourself brooding that your cow is the only one you love, it’s time to hit the game store.) Fortunately I was out at the mall yesterday–one of my cheap bras suffered total structural failure, and I figured it was time to retire it and replace it–and I stopped by Gamestop and picked up the collected Devil May Cry trilogy on the cheap, which I had heard of but never played.


1. The first one has the controls set up wonky and the first boss is so direly hard I gave up in disgust.

2. Started the second one, said “This is more like it! But…why does a giant squid have a motorcycle?”

3. A woman carrying Victoria’s Secret bags gets astonishingly good service in a game store. I can’t imagine why.

4. No, seriously, where is he keeping all this ammo?

So now I’m alternating between shooting and slicing my way through legions of demonic minions and scribbling down ideas. I think I may actually be working, but it’s getting hard to tell…

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