Some observations on playing “Rule of Rose”…

1. Dark, brooding atmospheric, creepy.

2. Bring a book. Slow moving, lots of load time, lots of running in slow-mo through rooms. That are dark and atmospheric and creepy.

3. God, I’m SO never having kids, even if they probably wouldn’t form a demented Victorian Lord-of-the-Flies society and beat up dogs.*

4. Heroine is useless, useless, useless. (More useless than Rukia, who is my benchmark for useless heroines, and that’s saying something. Same tendency to make small pained noises and faint at inconvenient moments, less able to provide exposition/one-liners.) Kee-rist. You’re in a world ruled by children and you haven’t taken advantage of the fact that you’re twice the size of these whiny deliquents? Sure, fine, they can clobber you en masse, but you meet a lot of ’em one-on-one. You faint when confronted by a fat girl with a RAT ON A STICK?! And you have a knife?! Kick some pint-sized ass! Save that poor rat! He doesn’t want to get rubbed all over your face, and he thinks you’re a sniveling loser too.

Also, you run slow.

5. As with many people, your dog is smarter than you are, and has a nose able to track a dried butterfly through three dark atmospheric creepy floors. This is not to be sneezed at.

6. So far, it’s a “not bad, but too slow to really recommend.” We’ll see if the promised dark and filthy tale proves lurid enough to be worth wading through.

*Mother Ursula: “Okay, you little bastards have fun with your quasi-Victorian nutbar society, but you damn well better be nice to the dog!”

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