I Aten’t Dead

Internet’s been sporadic of late–my laptop flatly refuses to function with Deb’s network, forcing me to piggyback on unsuspecting wireless networks in the neighborhood, and now at last to go to Mr. Toad’s. (I am forced to update Digger via flash-drive and coffee shop. It’s like the dark ages!)

Got my car back yesterday. (Sweet, beloved car! How I missed you!) Woke up this morning to the news that my car had been backed into. I went down, looked at the large dent in the back panel, nodded, and said “Ah. Yes. So it has.” Still gotta talk to the parties responsible. It’s not a huge deal–I plan to drive this car until it falls apart under me, so resale is not a prime concern–but still, I’d like it fixed.

I may have an apartment, or I may not–they’re screwin’ around on the income verification, because with me being a freelancer, it’s hard to verify. I hadn’t had a problem at the last place at all, but this one’s bein’ all uppity about it. I brought in copies of my book contracts and whatnot, but apparently that whole “freelancer” thing is throwing them–they keep confusing an advance with a salary. I’m supposed to talk to the manager, and thus should find out tomorrow morning whether I’ve got it or not.  It’s aggravating, moreso because my credit is so fantastic that they really ought to kiss my toes and beg me to live there.  Assuming they DO finally get their act together, I wouldn’t move in until mid-October, but Deb is fabulous and cool so that’s not really a problem.

Anticipating another month at Deb’s, I went and unpacked some clothes, since I’ve been living out of a suitcase. This led to the discovery that very few of my dishes survived the trip. All my dinner plates and most of my bowls are smashed. The sole survivors are the two red Fiestaware sets my mother got me a few years ago–that stuff  is like iron. It’s kind of a bummer–I had a pretty good chunk of hand-made ceramics collected there. Most of my mugs made it, though, so I am grateful for small favors. Oh, well. I’ll start the collection up again in due course. (Any readers of a potterly bent? Want to swap art for bowls? For that matter, any corsetiers in the audience want to do a trade? I keep thinking I need one…)

And the meds MUST be working, because I am dealing with all three of these setbacks with my usual philosophical calm, instead of curling into fetal position and whimpering. (I am coping with the anxiety by turning my gibbering brain to how to decorate my new apartment, a reasonably effective form of self-hypnosis.) Thank you, sweet gods of reason, rationality, and elephants.

On the med front, the side-effects are fading. Less faint of late. Appetite is actually coming back a bit as of yesterday, which is a relief. I wasn’t even queasy this morning, which is cause to dance about and sacrifice candy to Ganesh. (I have no idea how one sacrifices candy, mind you. Eating it doesn’t seem quite appropriate. Set fire to it? Mail it to the nearest temple? I have some extra Red Vines…)

Anyway, until next time….

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