Another day, another side-effect!

I didn’t feel as generally lousy today as yesterday. What I did feel was faint. As a sensation, it was pretty much identical to when you haven’t eaten in long enough that you’re weak and shaky.  Lots of faint muscular tremors, mild queasiness, vague desire to put back of wrist to forehead and swoon. (Alas, while I have never fainted in my life, I suspect that I would not swoon delicately, but would rather go down like a felled ox, just because…y’know. Some of us were not Born to Swoon.)

Had the standard nausea for part of the day, but it passed off by dinner. Unfortunately, my poor innards have been so turned around by the side-effects that now I can’t tell if I’m hungry or not. (Deb: “Are you hungry?” Ursula: “Hmmm…that’s an interesting question…”) I ate as much as possible anyway, just on principle.

Whether as a side-effect of the faintness or something unrelated, I spent much of today feeling sort of detached. It’s still kind of like being sick in that regard, the sensation of being at one step removed from reality. The English language lacks sufficient vocabulary to encompass altered states, unfortunately, so I can’t describe it much better than that. I take refuge again in my misspent youth–I feel a LOT like the day after an acid trip, which is a peculiar vague full-body hangover, often with moping.

Sadly, the physical detachment does not include emotional detachment, so I’m still lugging around the lead weight  under my sternum. Still, hopefully in a few weeks, that’ll get dealt with too. Got my copy edits mailed off, and tomorrow the computer should arrive, so hopefully I’ll get back to at least running off prints here soon. 

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