So last night, I was a zombie!

and I hit Mebane around seven, for the filming of what was either called “Redneck Zombies of Mebane” or “Southern Undead.” (He pointed out that they missed a great opportunity to name it “The South Shall Rise Again,” to which I can only agree.)

This was a terribly low budget flick, naturally, so it was a do-your-own-zombie-makeup affair, but we’re nothing if not resourceful. I gave him a fairly decent head wound, and he did a very nice bullet hole in my forehead, combined with serious bruising. Then we went off for the exciting and glamorous life of a zombie extra, which mostly involved standing around for hours chatting, with occasional shambling and moaning on cue.

It will be a terrible, terrible movie. But a new life experience! Yay!

Since they started filming after dark, they sent us home after eleven, and it was midnight before I got back to Raleigh. Now, at this point, I hadn’t eaten since my lovely send-off from the NC Webcomics Coffee Clatch nine hours earlier, so I hit an all-night drive-through, thinking that the fact I was currently zombiefied, which a very obvious bullet-hole over my left eye, might excite some comment. “Heh heh heh,” thought Ursula, ordering her cheeseburger. “This should be entertaining…”

Nobody. Even. Noticed. They took my money, they made glancing eye contact, they asked if I wanted extra sauce, but their eyelids did not so much as flicker.

I have three theories.

A) It was too dark. (I don’t think that was the case, but you never know.)
B) People who have been shot in the head frequently stop by McDonald’s for a burger on their way to the ER.
C) This is solid anecdotal confirmation of that great truth–nobody in customer service looks at you unless you’re rude.


 was right. Shoulda done Waffle House. But I have a sneaking suspicion they’ve seen much worse, and I’d hate to have that sort of thing confirmed…

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