Feelin’ rather better as of yesterday. (I can only sustain angst for a very limited time, thank goodness.) There are animals that will run themselves to death–rhinos, I think, die of adrenalin shock if you keep them panicked long enough*–but I’m not one of them. You can’t keep the inherently mellow down. Eventually you stop that queasy “I can’t eat…” and start thinking “Man, I could totally go for something with salami about now.” Before long panic fades, you think “God, I’m an idiot…” and sanity returns.

Well, for a certain questionable value of sanity. It’s me, after all.

Getting approved for health insurance helped. The cat shows no signs of exploding, although he is Not Keen on his kitty-Prozac and will no longer eat food that it’s hidden in, I have figured out how to download Bleach episodes to my computer, providing valuable brain-sucking time (so help me god, I will get through the Bountou arc if it kills me!) and even if all is not right with the world, I can break heads until it is.

Which is not to say I won’t have occasional flare-ups of madness between now and one week from today, but hey, one day at a time.

The apartment is mostly packed. There’s still a couple more things to go, mostlyin the kitchen, and the absolute-last-minute stuff like the scanner and the computer and Mr. Printy–plus the usual things that will fall into the Detritus Box, like cat treats and tape and that stray pallette knife and that duck decoy I never packed and whatnot. And of course, there’s all the furniture that needs to go away, which will vamoose next weekend, and the art too big to lug around, which will be stored.

So I know I’m coming back here in six months or a year, because while I might cheerfully abandon my furniture, I’m DEFINITELY coming back for the art.

And in completely unrelated news, you can pre-order those soaps now!

Elder Clean! Naked Mole Rat! Savage Orange!

*I lack citations for this, and it may not be true.

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