Moments of Painful Geekiness

Okay, former Shadowrun players, hands where I can see them…

Do you ever find yourself wandering down the highways and byways of life, and see someone, and find yourself thinking involuntarily “Oh, lord, when the Awakening hits, you are SO going to be a dwarf.” (Or elf, or orc, or troll or whatever…I always seem to meet future dwarves.)

I was at the grocery store today, looked over at the clerk, and thought “Oh, dear lord, get that man a dwarven manifesto.*”

I would be ashamed of my desperate geekiness, but I bet I’m not the only one…

*A relic of my long-running and increasingly lunatic Shadowrun campaign, whereby it was determined that in modern dwarvish society, dwarves exchange manifestos the way some people exchange business cards. Don’t ask. Don’t ask about the chest wigs either.

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