So Carlota, the vanguard of our particular army (two women, two cats) has headed off to California to secure lodging. It looks like this is really gonna happen. Employment is guaranteed for six months, with possible extensions after. After that…well, we’ll see what calls me. I have an offer to stay with my Dad in Phoenix for a bit, or possibly Carlota will wind up someplace that interests me.

Ben, his head wedged against my pencil box, is watching me, vaguely reproachfully, out of one eye. (I am not petting him at this precise moment. The horror.) He’ll like having another cat to pester, and a little more space to run around in, I suspect.

I’m contemplating leaving my rather hefty TV here and picking up a wee flat-screen number out in California, since the cost of shipping the TV back and forth is likely to exceed the cost of a new one.

I think portability is becoming my new religion. Pity I can’t do art on a laptop worth a damn.

Trying to figure out health insurance. I can get health insurance via AAA for a decent price, but only if I’m a resident of North Carolina. It’s tempting to go with that, since I know I have to come back to get my stuff, after all, and my jaunt in CA is only temporary, but I realize I’m not really sure what’s involved in maintaining a residency in a state. A mailing address? Keeping my driver’s license here? Voting absentee in NC elections? Can I get a PO box here and call it good, or do I have to jump through some kind of hoops?

Confusing stuff…

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