Have Them Dipped In Chocolate And Sent To My Quarters

Just saw the latest Harry Potter movie, and man, it didn’t disappoint in the magical ass-kicking department. Somewhere, the computer who generates the shards-of-broken-glass effect has caught fire, gone critical, and done exploded.

It’s gotten to the point where I suspect it is no longer possible to watch one of those movies and comprehend it without a working knowledge of the Potterverse, but since I’ve got one, it was quite enjoyable. The best surprise of the movie was Luna Lovegood, who was fantastic. Not enough Snape, but then, there’s never enough Snape.



Look, I haven’t gotten laid in quite a long time, and I accept that it may be starting to affect my judgment, but at some point when my back was turned, did the Weasley twins become hot?!

Dude. I feel slightly unclean.

My desire to cover Lucius Malfoy in chocolate syrup and lick it off remains undimmed, but I’ve felt like that for years, so it probably doesn’t count. Mmm. It’s the hair. Like an elf, only evil and with good shoulders and none of that tedious more-elder-race-than-thou-ness.

Also, there was a plot or something, but feh.

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