Studio Cleaning — Round Two!

Another set of studio cleaning schtuff!

We’ve actually got a couple of bits of Ursuline artistic history here–the very first acrylic on canvas (and I think the first acrylic ever–it’s that or another one I’ll be posting soon, memory has largely failed.) — a piece called “Primitive Unicorn.”

And, of note to anybody who liked “Irrational Fears” the original drawing for the big splash page at the end of Dusty the angel-bunny and Chu is up! That was the last comic I drew in pencil first, so if you’ve ever wanted to collect my original comic art…well, I’ve got a splash page of Conspiracy of Mammals to go up, too, but those two are pretty much it. I think all my original Gothbat drawings sold long ago, and the sketchbooks with the Chu sketches are mostly sold as well. These days, all my comics are purely digital–the only stuff I do physically now is the very occasional cover.

So, here’s the listings! Everything starts at a dollar, I’ll ship anywhere–good luck, and happy looking!

Irrational Fears Drawing
Maidenblood Redux Original Sketch
Primitive Unicorn
Unfinished Portrait of Money Frog
Strep Throat Fairy

I had to sew these together on my scanner (there’s bigger unfinished art coming, once I get access to a camera…) and if you want to see any of them at better resolution, just give a yell and I’ll post it over in my DA scraps. My apologies for the crappy scans on the pencil pieces–my scanner’s really losing the subtle stuff…

Primitive Unicorn (bigger!)

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