Unfinished Art Cull?

Okay, gang, you’ve been great about taking books and old prints off my hands, to try and clear space when I move. Now I’ve got another one for ya.

Unfinished art.

I have a LOT of it. Eight or nine years of painting leaves a notable detritus. Enough that it’s taking up a notable percentage of studio space, and I want it to go away. It runs a gamut of sizes, from small pieces up to 24 x 48 canvases, on every subject matter under the sun, and…well…it takes up space! And all I see when I look at it is guilt and occasionally failure!

Still…I balk at throwing it in the dumpster. I mean…well…I will if I have to, I’m never going to work on any of those again, but…y’know…

If I did a set of e-bay auctions with a $1 starting bid, would any of you be interested in taking some of these unfinished pieces off my hands? Obviously I’ll have to take photos, and on some of the really big ones, shipping would almost certainly run a lot more than the piece would go for, but would there be any interest?

(Heck, if there IS interest, I may start doing an annual Studio Cleaning Sale…)

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