So That’s Where Those Got To…

Hey, will you look at that… *cough* I, uh, just located the stash where all my old Caliban* prints were hiding. Go figure. (Cleaning out the Con Print Box sometimes yields some treasures.)

I’ve moved away from the furry pin-up thing long since, but I hate to just trash the prints–there’s a fair number of ’em, including a couple of LEs. Many of them were deeply mediocre, the print quality on some I’m not thrilled by, since these were the days before I had a jumbo Epson, but a few had some merit, and a lot of ’em were solid prints. (One or two I still sell regularly, but most of ’em are a definite niche market.) I’m thinking of offering a sale or something, just to clean these suckers out–would anybody be interested in 3 for $10 (Maybe pick 2, I’ll toss in a random third, or something like that?) If there’s any interest, I’ll post the list with links. I hate to just trash ’em, but they’re taking up valuable real estate that I need back!

Come to think of it, I’ve got a fair number of old prints from years back that are in the same boat…decent, but rarely sell at Cons (half the time because I don’t have book space to put them out, so they’re languishing in a folder to fill in empties. Would anybody be interested in a 4 prints for $10 grab-bag? I could offer adult and non-adult versions…I just want to get rid of this stuff, and I feel like the prints deserve a last stab at sales before I relegate them to the trash heap!

Thoughts welcome.

*For those just joining us, Caliban was a pen name I was doing (fairly tame) furry cheesecake under, for a brief stint probably five or six years ago, mostly to satisfy my own depraved curiosity as to whether sex really DOES sell. (For me, it did, up to $100. After that, people want something to hang in the living room.) A great many people knew it was me, both because I wasn’t terribly secretive, and because, as somebody pointed out, no one else would do a naked mole rat pin-up**…

**No, it never sells.

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