It’s time to start the book cull!

I don’t yet know how much book-rate shipping is gonna run–probably gonna depend on how many books anybody gets, and where they go!–but I’m currently in possession of the following and looking to sell/give away. (I’d rather send ’em off to someone who’ll use ’em then dump them on the used book store, where they may languish forever.) Prices vary–I don’t want to do fifty e-bay auctions, so I’m just listing ’em here, first come first serve–once somebody’s made a claim, I’ll get you a shipping quote in the next day or two on the books you’ve chosen. Comment to claim, I’ll mark ’em off as fast as I can.

Condition is good unless otherwise stated, and they’re all priced to undercut Amazon used book sales by a good bit. Any that don’t sell by the end of the month will head off to the bookstore and get sold/donated/whatever.

Yes, upon request I’ll draw a little digger doodle in the front of a book, as a few people have said they wanted, or admit that yes, this was the first fantasy art book I ever bought, or whatever. Yes, this reads like an 80’s Fantasy Art Wall of Shame in places. I have no excuse for owning that much Luis Royo whatsoever.

At $5 apiece:

“Fantasy Art Masters” — Dick Jude

“Last Ship Home” – Art of Rodney Matthews
In Search of Forever” — Art of Rodney Matthews
Countdown to Millenium — Art of Rodney Matthews

Art of Glen Loates — 1977 Hardback
Olivia’s Cheesecake Chronicles #1
“Let Them Eat Cheesecake” — Art of Olivia
One Hundred Flowers — Georgia O’Keefe — oversize hardcover, dust jacket’s ripped up, but book’s in good shape
“The Art of JMW Turner” — sizeable paperback collection
“How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way” — my ancient, slightly battered copy, from which I learned a lot and then later unlearned most of it.
“Aubrey Beardsley – Imp of the Perverse” — biography, some B&W art
Drawing and Painting Animals — Edward Aldrich — fair wildlife art how-to guide.
Sirens” — art of Chris Achilleos — dust cover kinda beat up
www.hrgigercom.666 — or whatever the hell it’s called. Hefty hardcover giger collection
Sorayama — Hyper Illustration — 80’s shame, robot women, lots of nudity.
Intron Depot 2: Blades — Masamune Shirow. 3-D modelling meets anime. There are no survivors.
Boris Vallejo Fantasy Art Techniques (The first fantasy art book I ever bought! Shame engulfs me!)
 “Women” — Luis Royo paperback collection
“III Millenium” — Luis Royo paperback collection
“Dreams” — Luis Royo paperback collection
“Malefic” — Luis Royo paperback collection
“Secrets” — Luis Royo paperback collection (I’ll go $20 for all five Royos if you’ll take ’em all!)
Hard Curves — The Art of Julie Bell

Beyond Fantasy — The Art of Darrel K Sweet
Moroccan Interiors — Taschen — massive hardcover of–well–Morrocan interiors! Lotsa interesting photos.
Wildlife — The Nature Paintings of Carl Brenders (This book makes the realist in me want to slit her wrists.)

The Grammar of Ornament — 100 color plates of victorian historic design
Islamic Designs for Artists and Craftspeople
The Best of Pastel 2 (anthology of pastel work)
Maxfield Parrish — Cutler (medium sized Parrish collection)
Walking With Beasts, a prehistoric safari — companion to the BBC show, some kinda cool paleolithic stuff
Art in Nature — slim paperback anthology of nature art.

Angkor — Heavy-ass hardback featuring a bizillion photos of Angkor Wat. Great photoref of decaying rocks
Splash 6 — hardcover watercolor art anthology
“The Discovery of Dragons” — Graeme Base
“Georgia O’Keefe” — medium paperback anthology of work
“Composition In Art” — a slim guide to composition. Supposed to be genius if you can stay awake
Beth Van Hoesen — “Creatures” — collection of artist’s lithographs
Dynamic Light and Shade — Burne Hogarth
The Art of Fred Fields — slim paperback collection of mostly nudes
Birds — An Artist’s View, Terance James Bond — nice collection of British bird paintings, hardcover
“Maidens – Art of Monte Michael Moore” — slim paperback of black and white fantasy pin-ups
Dali — Phaidon Books — medium paperback collection of Dali’s work/biography
The Figure in Motion — book of nudes in weird positions, moving, etc.
Dynamic Anatomy — Burne Hogarth
Figure Drawing Without A Model
— Ron Tiner — paperback how-to, not bad at all.
Panel Discussions — Design and Sequential Art Storytelling
Joel Jusko’s Art of Edgar Rice Burroughs — Where the men are men, the women are women, the martians are martians, and the colors are oddly saturated.
Understanding Comics — Scott McCloud — This is a CLASSIC.
Sir Edward Burne Jones — oversize hardback collection of pre-Raphaelite art
Mucha’s Figures Decoratives — slim sepia tone collection of some fairly obscure Mucha drawings
Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative — Will Eisner
Paint Radiant Realism in Watercolor, Ink, and Colored Pencil — Interesting technique, but way too meticulous for my blood.
Drawing the Human Head — Hogarth, hardcover 1969
Treasury of Fantastic & Mythological Creatures 1087 renderings from historic sources — some interesting heraldry stuff
North American Indian Designs for Artists and Craftspeople
Traditional Chinese Designs
Lives of the Artists: Masterpieces, Messes, and What the Neighbor’s Thought

Free To Good Home (shipping costs only):*

San Isidoro in Leon: The Royal Pantheon
— oversize paperback of photos of a particular Roman Cathedral
Art Nouveau Small Frames and Borders — Dover Clip Art Series
“In the Holy Land” — Paintings by David Roberts 1839 — Oversize paperback collection of paintings of Jerusalem
Japanese Print Cards — uncut book collection of 24 postcards of Japanese prints
Pirate and Gypsy Girls — collection of tame cheesecake pin-ups
The Great American Bear — oversize paperback photo ref of black bears
*Yes, a place where they’ll be cut up for collage qualifies as a good home.

IF YOU HAVE CLAIMED SOME BOOKS!! — please e-mail me your address so I can get the shipping amount for ya. I’m at ursulav (at)

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