Got up this morning to discover that some bastard swiped the Sock Puppet Sea Serpent for a Cafepress store.*

Unfortunately for them, they picked my single most popular image, and the one that I would belly-crawl over broken glass to protect. I am very mellow about silly internet usage–people want to have a little fun with something, ala Biting Pear, well, hey, whatever, it’s been a sales boost and more power to ’em.

But you sell my art without my permission, and mild-mannered affable Ursula becomes Batshit Psycho Ursula and starts having fantasies about ripping your intestines out and making you crochet your own coffin cozy with ’em. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often. The cost to me in ulcers would be painful. I hate getting furious. It ‘s such a waste of time and bile.

I’ve contacted Cafepress with all their required language and authorizations. I’d much rather contact the storeowner and say “Take this down, NOW!” but they didn’t leave any contact info on the page, and I don’t know how to get to it.

Edit: Goddamn! Cafepress had that site down in fifteen minutes flat! I am impressed.

*And many thanks to Alert Reader Sandra for finding it!

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