So t’other day at Huntington Gardens, I was in their gift shop–briefly, it was a zoo–and saw an interesting art book of the work of someone named Joseph Cornell. Not having suitcase space, I didn’t get the book, but once I got back to my faithful laptop, I looked him up.

Joseph Cornell’s weird little boxes

Some of these appeal to me. Part of it’s the birds, I imagine, but something else, too.  And again, some of ’em leave me cold. I don’t know. Some assemblage, like collage, works for me, and others I’m left going “And you cut up a perfectly nice book of Audobon reproductions for this?”

I think I’m interested in this stuff at the moment because…well, I’m not sure why. It’s sort of an outgrowth of the little shrines I’ve been working on, weird little collages that aren’t quite 3-D but are headed that way. (Obviously the least lucrative path for an artist to pursue who makes most of her livelihood selling prints and doesn’t own a good camera! That might have something to do with it. The muse is nothing if not perverse…) 

At the same time, it ties in with an idea in the back of my head about photocollage comics, something I’ve been wanting to try ever since looking at a collection of McKean’s Sandman covers.

Oh, well, someday when I have the time…or don’t have the time, but have access to my computer!

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