So as of t’other day, my kid brother Max–he’s almost eight–has been diagnosed with episodic Tourette’s and OCD.

The Tourette’s, as I understand these things, is not uncommon in boys and has a high likelihood of fading off with adolescence. The OCD is probably here to stay, but it’s relatively mild at the moment. The suspicion is that it’s inherited–Mom’s got the same symptoms, which is probably why she can work for a month with wee little brushes on a single painting.

While she points out that updating a comic faithfully for 400 pages is arguably pretty obsessive, I’m nevertheless pretty sure it skipped me–my periods of intense concentration top out at three days, and I have no problem with doing things half-assed or leaving them unfinished, plus I don’t do any of the other peculiar little stress rituals. “But you’re so good about getting things done on time!” she pointed out, to which I replied “Then how the heck do you tell being OCD from just being responsible?!”

Hell, maybe you can’t tell–the vagaries of the human brain are a spectrum, not a set of boxes.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. The reason I bring this up, O Readers, is to invite any commentary any of you may have on living with either OCD or childhood Tourette’s–Mom’s a bit off the map here and would probably appreciate the feedback, since all I was able to suggest was “Hey, you should totally watch “Monk.” If you wish to post anonymously for obvious reasons, feel free.

Meanwhile, the LA thing is all poised waiting for a lawyer to finish reviewing a contract, a situation making all parties involved tear at their hair. I’m ready to go on 48 hour notice, but not knowing WHEN I’m going is starting to seriously cramp my style.

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