I just flew in from Wisconsin, and boy, are my ankles sore.

Err…okay, that isn’t the usual form of the joke, but they are anyway. I can never get my feet comfortable on those planes.

Beloit was cool, I stammered through a coupla presentations, and hopefully a raft of college students are not so traumatized by the horrors of art or publishing that they decide to become accountants instead. It was a fun trip, I had a good time, the students were all great, but it was pretty jam packed with activities, and I’m beat.

I did have deep-fried cheese curds. One cannot visit the Midwest without getting deep-fried cheese curds.

James loaned me his iPod with the first season of Lost on it. I’m working my way through. It’s pretty interesting, although after the X-Files, I fear to get too interested in a show that hinges on finally getting an explanation for cryptic events. My favorite character is the Iraqi guy. Think I’ll watch a little more before I crash…

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