I am not one of those people who believe that everything happens for a reason. The universe is an often cold and arbitrary place, everything does NOT always work out for the best, and my gut feeling is that the higher powers, if there are any, are far less like omni-benevolent dictators and more like a dreadfully overworked NEA committee handing out grants as fast as they can.

Still, every now and then you get lucky.

I was a little bummed that my Watermelon Heels painting didn’t get into the juried art show in Cary. Still, at least one piece got in, right?

So my buddy Carlota, owner of the Heels, went to pick ’em up from the place, and she ran into somebody there.* They struck up a conversation, and apparently this woman was trying to get art for a show in Durham in June, called “Art Heels.” Primarily to benefit art therapists, it’s apparently open to art with a shoe related theme, and the woman was quite excited at the notion of getting those, and the cantaloupe platform sandals, and anything else I could cook up between now and June, to go into the show. Carlota got the info, I just called and talked to the woman, and it looks like it’s a go.

It’d be entirely too egotistical an analysis of my place in the universe to see design behind this, but hey, sometimes, now and again… you get lucky.

*Carlota has numerous talents, but foremost among them is the ability to make friends at a speed that us lesser mortals can only boggle at. Were she airdropped into the wilds of Borneo, she would be queen of a tribe of headhunters before the plane was even over the horizon.

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