Grumpy Chicken Print

The Grumpy Chicken

The design on this one isn’t quite as contrasted as I’d like–I was going for a variety of textures, and the breast feathers got overworked, I think. ‘Course, with carving, you can’t really go back and add more black. Ah, well. But at least he’s very grumpy!

Anyway, if anyone would like the grumpy chicken print, I’ll be selling this lot for $15–(they’re three times the size of the others! They consume three times the paper! I had to raise the price!) I don’t know the edition size–probably not more than twenty, and I may yet tinker with it a bit and see if I can’t clean up some of the bits that are galling me and smooth out the edges on the comb.

Still. If despite all those caveats, you would like a grumpy chicken, post below, and once I’ve got the edition size worked out (probably next week) I’ll do the random drawing thing (unless I have more chickens than posters, in which case everybody’d get one.) The first of the edition will go on e-bay again.

This will constitute the only sign up, only for this print. I am not keeping any waiting lists for future prints–I’m just gonna do it as they happen so I don’t go barking mad.

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