Interrogative Wombat Auction

I sorta want to try a two-color reduction print, but apparently I’d need something called a “matrix” to make it work, so that the paper goes down on the print at the correct space. I could make one, but I have no power tools. I’m begging my stepfather, printmaker extraordinaire, to throw something together for me though.

And my mother keeps telling me I should get a tabletop press, but since this is still in the “mad lark” stage, I’m not biting. Yet.

See, this is the problem with new media. It’s like swimming. You can dip your toe in, and it’s cheap, and cool. You can put your foot in, and it’s still cheap, and cool. You can swim around, and sure, it’s fine. But if you want to go diving and see the REALLY cool stuff, you gotta lay out a wad of cash on scuba gear.

Or, err, something like that.

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