Okay, gang! The next linoleum print is lookin’ like a 3 x 4 (or actually a little closer to 3 x 3–it’s not all the way to the edges) of the Red Wombat logo, with the text “Red Wombat” underneath. I got ambitious and decided to try my hand at text. We have learned that text is doable, but exacting and obnoxious to carve out.

It’ll be in red ink, and again, $5 in the US, $9 overseas.

Now, then–following the way the last print went, I don’t want people to get screwed out of a chance if they just didn’t happen to be around at the time, and I also don’t know the size of the edition yet. So–here’s my thought. You can tell me if I’m crazy, or if this sounds reasonably fair.

If you would like a Red Wombat print, post below. If you have previously expressed interest in being on a list for another print, or a waiting list for the chicken, you’ll be given top priority. It’s entirely possible that this will fill out the edition size, and we’ll get bleed over into a third print, should I do one. However, should we wind up with a larger edition than we have people saying “I want a Red Wombat!” who were on the list, I will pick from the remaining commenters, entirely at random, (seriously, I’ll close my eyes and spin the mouse wheel) and divvy up the remnants that way. That way everybody’s got an equal shot, and nobody’s getting screwed ‘cos they put in a late night at the office.

Sound fair?

Now, because I haven’t posted the image yet, you are under no obligation to buy, even if you say “Yes, yes, yes!” and then you see it and go “Ugh,” so no worries there. This is by way of a waiting list, not a binding contract on your part.

EDIT: Due to the fact that the Red Wombat failed on large scale production, I’ll be offering the Interrogative Wombat instead. Everything else still applies, no need to sign up again.

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