Last night, I killed the lights, crawled into bed, and heard…something.

Something oddly familiar.

It had a kind of thin, digital quality, and it was coming through the wall that I share with another apartment. It wasn’t quite music, although there did seem to be a tinny musical thread to it, but there were also an oddly random collection of familiar beeps and boops.



And then it hit me. On the other side of the wall, quite loudly, somebody was playing a Super Mario Brothers game (or some modern relative, more likely, since that franchise will never die.)

And they kept playing it.

Loudly. Speakers-aimed-directly-at-the-wall loudly. I have listened to knock-down-drag-out domestics conducted at half the volume with which Mario was collecting coins and leaping on goombas.

My brief grin of recognition rapidly became a grimace of horror, as I attempted to fall asleep while Mario beeped and booped a few inches away. I wanted to get up and go over, and hand him the damn cheat codes in hopes he’d stop before two AM.

I lived in apartments for over a decade, and yet, I had forgotten some of the high points….

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