DA comment left on a cute and mindless piece:

I hope to see more this kind of stuff soon, your art is so dark now days. :)

This irritated me way out of proportion to what it should.

It’s probably PMS. Generally comments on art just amuse me, and the more dire, the better. For some reason, though, this one just rubbed me the wrong way. I want to yell “What, somebody with underwear on their head is dark?” and “It’s been five weeks and four paintings! That doesn’t count as “now days!” and a number of other things not conducive to civil discourse.

It shouldn’t annoy me. They undoubtedly meant well. It’s not like I haven’t occasionally muttered “I wish Phil Hale would paint a monkey or something,” or “Would it kill Laurel Burch to paint a pangolin now and again?” so I’m probably guilty of rank hypocrisy as well. Definitely the PMS.

Still, I find myself sitting around, sneering like Ricardo Montalban* in Wrath of Khan and saying “It vexes me…”

*Well, I’d like to think so, anyway.

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