So I went in to the gallery today, prints and the Watermelon Heels original tucked ‘neath my arm, and talked to the gallery owner.

She liked St. Egg, and the fruit shoes, and the collaged magnolia warbler. (The weird fruit were a little too silly, and digital art was of no interest to her whatsoever–and I don’t think she read a single image description, which is sort of a shame, but ah, well. Galleries are notoriously peculiar and subjective in taste, so that she liked anything was a coup. I ain’t gonna complain.) 

She wants to see a proposal for a themed show–we discussed one of weird saint icons, like St. Egg–and she checked the availability of dates, and said something to the effect of “Let’s shoot for April/May 2008, I’ve got an opening then.” It’s not quite a promise of a show, but I’m told by my folks that when they mention specific dates/number of pieces/etc, it’s a good sign.

So now I gotta whip up a proposal for a show of weird saint icons–but this is promising!

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