So things are looking okay financially–moving was direly expensive, and February and March are always dead months for sales, so I was getting pretty worried there,* but between royalties off Digger and the sale of the Spawning Wall painting, with the usual supplemental sales, I should keep pretty well above water, hopefully until the advance on Nurk comes through.

One major source of stress–arguably the major source of stress for an artist on her own–temporarily off my mind. (Money concerns for artists are never vanquished entirely, I suspect.)

“Good ol’ Sofawolf,” I found myself thinking, “good ol’ fans, they always take care of me.”

And this is a great truth.

And then I found myself thinking, rather wryly, “Good ol’ Digger! And good ol’ Gearworld–they’re taking care of me, too.”

It’s a weird thing to be grateful to one’s own creations, and yet, not a bad sensation.

*James would never have let me starve, of course, but there’s a point of pride involved. I’ll let him buy me sheets, but making my rent myself is important.

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