Last night’s D&D session went swimmingly, as our characters settle a bit more into the situation they find themselves. Tarab, our gruff cleric and Fiatal, our charming rogue, are teamed up with Rook, my paladin, snooping around places they probably should not, in good conscience, be snooping.

I love being a paladin, but it does require some fancy mental footwork, particularly when working with rogues. Of course, that’s half the fun. Possibly two-thirds.

“I cannot in good conscience condone snooping around on other people’s property, so I’m just going to turn my back here and trust that you’ll do the right thing.”

Paladin: “I will assume, of course, that you acquired such skills in a legitimate field such as locksmithing or being in the circus.”
Cleric: “You really are naive, good paladin.”
Rogue: “I sure was in the circus!”
Paladin: “I suspected as much.”
Cleric: mutters something unintelligible.

Rogue: “A paladin with a sense of humor? I’m astonished.”
Paladin: “They only recently started allowing us to take orders, under the Paladins With Disabilities Act.”

Our rogue doesn’t make it easy on me, insisting on using words like “trespassing” and whatnot. On the other hand, she also provides a convenient loophole, since a paladin who wouldn’t dream of trespassing into a dark passage in someone else’s warehouse also wouldn’t dream of allowing a lady to go unescorted into possible danger in (for example) a dark passage in someone else’s warehouse. Chivalry would never stand for it!

Definitely the best moment of the night, however, goes to a brilliant typo by our cleric. Tarab attempted to peer over Rook’s shoulder, but…somehow an R was omitted. The resulting crude jokes kept us going for half the night.

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