Quickest job hunt ever.

I went into Jerry’s Artarama, my local art supply place, ran into the manager who of course knows me by name, and when he said “Can I get you anything?” said “I don’t suppose you’ve got some part-time work….”

“Tell me about oil paints,” he said.

“Well, they’re a pain to work with, but if you’ve got a well ventilated area and don’t mind the solvents, you can get some great stuff. They take a lot longer to dry than acrylics, although you can thin them with liquin and make some inroads on that,  and of course you can’t layer over the top of them the way you can with acrylic–“

“Tell me about brushes.”

“What are you painting?”


“Well, let me see, you want something durable enough that the bristles won’t come out and that can take a lot of abuse. I like the filberts for the fine detail…”

“You’re hired. When can you start?”

The pay is very low–as he said himself, “I’m really sorry, but this’ll just about pay for your groceries and not much else…” but that’s about what I expected for part-time non-career related, and the 30% discount will be very nice. And since about all I needed was enough to cover the groceries, it should work out well–three days a week, most likely, which ought to leave me plenty of time, but provide the getting-out-of-house-ness and schedule that I’m gonna need to keep my sanity.

He was probably just delighted to see someone old enough to know who Bon Jovi was come through the door, but damnit, that was pretty gratifying.

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