I’m sure I’m not alone in this…

Y’ever noodle around writing something, just jotting down bits of scenes and dialog as they occur, and you get one scene, and then you get another one, and then you look at the two and they make your heart break, because, despite the fact that it would be unbearably cool and poignant and everything else, you’re pretty sure you cannot actually get from Point A to Point B and have anybody want to come along for the ride?

To make this bit I’m noodling around with actually work, I’d need…oh, a good five years of grim and unrelenting misery in the middle. Unfortunately, “She spent five years of grim and unrelenting misery,” doesn’t quite make the time pass with any sense of time passing. (I mean, it works for ME, because I’m the author and I love them, even if I barely know what their names are, but I’m the only one who can count on that.)

Ironically, this is one of those things you could do beautifully well in a webcomic, because of the very installment nature. One or two good short story arcs, and it’d bloody well feel like time passing, because it’d take months to read. But there’s no way that’s going to happen–once Digger’s done, in a few more millenia, it’s gonna take an act of bloody god to get me to do another webcomic epic, and there’s no way I’d draw one with humans.

Oh, well. Whole story’ll probably never go anywhere anyway, but it’s funny how the fragments spin out, and you can love them briefly, even as you know it just ain’t ever gonna happen.

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