I become disgruntled.

Holy crap, the end of this game is limping along like a one-legged millipede.

Phrases I Never Thought I’d Utter: “You know, a cutscene of a character standing around giving needlessly elaborate exposition would have really helped back there.”

It was beautiful right up until the Jedi all died, and then they tore a hole in the force, the plot, and the gameflow, simultaneously. When you have to explain what’s happening in the little blurbs on the loading screen, (You know, the kind that usually say “Save early, save often!” or “The chief exports of the Imperial City are assassins and corn!”) because there were no explanations in the game of key plot points…yeah. Dude. I am happy to go to the Sith Academy and kill everybody in it. All you had to do was ask. A journal entry would do. But not the loading screen!

No wonder people are desperate to mod together an ending. It’s like two-thirds of a brilliant game and now it’s gotten so slapdash and nonsensical I’m half-wondering if this is actually a dream sequence and my character’ll wake up to find that one of the romantic subplots got tired of waiting for dialog options and slipped me some roofies.

Also–and completely unrelated–while I’ve loved all these games, must we having a murder trial in EVERY SINGLE ONE? I mean, KOTOR2 had one, Neverwinter Nights had two, and NWN2 upped the ante by making it your own murder trial and actually giving you a counsel for the defense, something sorely lacking in the other trials. (It’s probably sad when your lawyer is your favorite party member, but that’s another matter.) And that’s fine and good and all, but for once, could we maybe have an assault case or a hit and run or something? Just for variety? I assure you, I can put my mad Jedi skills and/or mad paladin charisma to any number of crimes. It doesn’t need to be murder at all.

And now, back to go kick my way through to another loading screen so I know what I’m supposed to do next…

Update: Wow, that ending made no sense at all. And what the heck was up with–and–why was there even–but what about the–and–I didn’t even–WHAT?

Good lord, that made the “Rocks fall, everybody dies” ending look almost triumphant.

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