Went to a Halloween party tonight, and had to have a costume. So James and I got a coupla tubes of makeup and went as zombies. Some very convincing head wounds, although they started to slide south after two or three hours, but nice while it lasted.

While my makeup was probably better executed, (hey, I’m a painter…) James’s worked a lot better. This is because he happens to have absolutely gorgeous almost-waist-length hair. It is hair to make teenage girls weep. It is hair-band quality (although James is rather more metal.) Generally it’s in a ponytail, but he took it down for this.

I turned around, saw him, and uttered a phrase no one should have to utter–“Oh my god, I married Rob Zombie.”

Or, as a friend said at the party, “You have the potential to terrify a lot of small children with that…”

So that was a hit. And now my skin is as dry as the Sahara, and I may never get the putty out of my eyebrows.

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