So, the time has come. We’re gonna get another cat.

After Loki died, we moved immediately, and then we were in a fairly small rental, so it never quite seemed like time. However, now we have a big house, and Athena is obviously getting increasingly bored and lonely during the day–I’m good for snuggling, but I can’t provide the kind of constant interaction she got with Loki–so now that she’s up on all her shots and her intestinal disorder is nicely stable, I figured it was time.

I was kinda waiting for a cat to present itself, the way that they often do–generally by appearing on the doorstep going “Mowww!”–but for once, that didn’t happen. I definitely wanted to get an adult or older juvenile–kittens don’t really need me as much as an adult cat would, and the older I get, the more a cat with a settled and mature personality appeals to me over the admittedly adorable rambunctiousness of kittenhood.

Since Athena herself was a shelter cat, part of a fostering program, and has been far and away the best cat ever, I asked the vet today if she could recommend a good local shelter or a fostering program that does adoption events or something. She pointed me to Safe Haven for Cats, a local no-kill shelter, and I filled out their on-line application and made an appointment to go in and meet some kitties on Sunday.

I’m taking James with me, which may be dangerous. James put up a token grumbling about getting another cat, but I know him too well–confronted with a dozen cats in need of homes, I may be dragging him away with kittens clinging to his pantlegs.

I would have gone Saturday, but he reminded me that we’ll be spending much of Saturday trying to perfect our zombie makeup for the office Halloween party, and that might have made entirely the wrong impression on the shelter staff.

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