Just as a quick note, an update on the T-shirt sale orders, from the lovely and overworked Ellen Million:

T-shirts are coming! The response was larger than expected, and it’s going
to take me some time to get through all the orders. Some have already been
sent, and more go out just about every day. Current estimate on delivery
is 2-8 weeks (changed from the 4-6 weeks originally estimated!). All
orders have been combined with calendar pre-orders where possible and any
overpaid shipping has been refunded to you.

If you have a rush or deadline (birthday present, complete lack of
alternate clothing), please let me know and I will move you to the top of the queue.
Otherwise, it depends on when your order came in, how much design work it
will take, whether or not I need to get the files from Ursula, and which
t-shirts are at the top of the boxes.

I will probably offer this special again – in about a year when I’ve
mostly forgotten how much work this is. 🙂

By “larger than expected” I think she may have meant “Holy crap on a stick…” I get the impression that response was rather more than anybody anticipated, and the poor woman has been run ragged trying to get these all out.

You guys are so cool. I am the luckiest artist around, I swear.

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