The corrected version of Digger vol 2 will be on sale from Sofawolf on the 20th. Signed copies will be available at a later date, to be announced (they gotta ship me the box to sign.)

Black Dogs, vol 1 — “House of Diamond” is hopefully to be released in January. This is not a firm date, but it’s what we’ve got at the moment.

PLEASE NOTE: “Black Dogs” is being split into two volumes, due to length. I beg of you, do not immediately ask me when it’s coming out as one volume. It isn’t. Do not hold out for the omnibus volume. It will not exist unless fifty years from now, I’m a raging bestseller and somebody decides to reprint it. The odds of this are akin to my being struck by lightning while being attacked by a great white shark holding a winning lottery ticket, so if you’re interested in the edited, revised, rather more coherent, de-comma-ed, now-with-extra-subplot Black Dogs, I’d grab ’em now.

(Black Dogs, in case anybody’s wondering what the heck I’m talking about, is the Obligatory Fantasy Novel I wrote some years ago. It is a coming of age story, to a certain somewhat weird extent a love story, and it has ground sloths. It is not quite the rambling tale of rampant botflies that I might write today, but, again, ground sloth. Various parties have told me it’s a readable tale, and it’s a lot better thanks to my brave editors. I am desperately proud of it and horribly embarassed by it, which is apparently normal for a first novel regardless of quality.)

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